Trauma Informed Yoga

Research is showing the benefits of yoga for those struggling with trauma symptoms. Yet being trauma informed is not only for people who have trauma symptoms, it is important for everyone. Everyone has experienced some sort of trauma, big or small, as well as general stress, and both can impact our ability to self-regulate (to feel safe, grounded and present).

This group offers  a unique opportunity to both strengthen the mind but also the muscles and stretch areas that carry tension. This combination, along with an emphasis on breathing and mindfulness, is why yoga is often called a “mind/body” practice – it can get us in touch with our sensations and emotions.

Benefits of the Trauma Informed Yoga:

  • Helps process emotional memories of trauma
  • Helps reconnect mind and body
  • Combats Anxiety
  • Calms the body and mind
  • Improved potential for problems solving
  • Improves focus

Trauma informed yoga can be beneficial for those suffering from PTSD, Anxiety and/or Depression. Our therapist is a certified trauma informed yoga instructor.  Please contact us at 624-7111 and ask to speak to someone about our Trauma Informed Yoga.