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Our Mission

We are committed to bringing hope and health to our communities, one life at a time.

At OBHAW we believe that a collaborative, whole-person approach to behavioral health care will help people in our communities to heal. Our team is dedicated to helping every individual find a path to healing that fits them. Our mission guides our organization in seeking out and continuing services and programs that help bring hope and health to each person within our communities.

Welcome to Ouachita Behavioral Health and Wellness.

We understand that life is challenging. There are times when all of us feel that those challenges are too difficult.

OBHAW staff is here to help when you just want to feel better or when you or your family need support.

Our licensed professionals can help you and your family using individual and group counseling, marriage and family counseling, psychiatric treatment, and medication management.

We are committed to helping everyone in our community be healthy, and we’re going to get there, one person at a time.

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The OBHAW Team cares about helping you heal. We provide one-on-one counseling, Couples and Family Counseling, Group Therapy, Educational Groups, and Wellness Day Programs for adults in our communities. Come to our walk-in clinic to find out how we can help you.


The OBHAW Team is passionate about helping kids, teens, and young adults at home, in the classroom, and in everyday life. Our staff are experts in helping kids learn social skills, behavioral skills, and coping skills that will help them reach their goals.


Counseling at OBHAW is designed to create healing in every aspect of your life. We are focused on developing plans for treatment that engage families as well as individuals.

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Join the OBHAW team in bringing hope and health to our communities, one life at a time. Gifts to OBHAW go straight to work in our community helping people heal.

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